L'histoire, domaine Jean-Christophe Coubris
The Story

A Family Portrait

Reflecting the authentic and warm character of its wines, Domaine Jean-Christophe Coubris is the result of a long line of passionate and committed men and women. Over the generations and with proven know-how, each of them has shaped the wines which today adorn the tables of your most wonderful moments.

A winegrower’s soul
born in a butcher’s heart

Our story starts in the small village of Castelnau-de-Médoc, in the heart of the Gironde, where Ismaël Lasserre and his wife Amélie live. Butcher by profession and curious by nature, Ismaël purchases the La Mouline estate in Moulis-en-Médoc in 1921. Armed with a meat cleaver in one hand and a bunch of grapes in the other, he transmits both his passions to his only child André.

L'histoire, domaine Jean-Christophe Coubris L'histoire, domaine Jean-Christophe Coubris

a man
of success

At his father’s passing in 1927, André Lasserre sells the family butchers. This allows him to focus on the vineyard. Yet in parallel, he launches a wholesale butchery business, honouring his paternal legacy.

This marks the start of prosperity. Charismatic and hardworking, André’s «Pauillac lambs» are served in the greatest restaurants in Paris, Nice and Monaco. As a skilled networker and close to his roots, he is elected mayor of his village. Popular and respected, close to Jacques Chaban-Delmas – mayor of Bordeaux at the time – he remains committed to his constituents until his death in 1955.


L'histoire L'histoire

Love and family,
life’s driving forces

André’s spouse, Armande Lasserre, brings a woman’s touch as she masterfully manages the La Mouline estate. Madeleine, their only daughter, marries Jean Coubris, a local shopkeeper’s son. Together, they go through the horrors of World War II, have three children and take on the wholesale butchery business.
They also develop a new activity trading in lamb skins. Armande, André’s widow, transfers ownership of the La Mouline estate to Madeleine and Jean in 1961, thus enabling them to wholeheartedly perpetuate the company initiated by Ismaël and developed by André.


The story - Domaine Jean Christophe Coubris The story - Domaine Jean Christophe Coubris

red Robe
and black robe

Two decades later, a new chapter begins. In 1981, at a time of vine renewals, Jean transfers the estate to Jean-Louis, one of his two sons. Then a business lawyer, Jean-Louis concentrates on the wine-making business, undertaking major refurbishments to modernise the winery, fitting it out with stainless steel tanks. His wife Liliane and their two sons Cédric and Jean-Christophe also help.

A legacy in political

Cédric Coubris runs the estate for 8 years, but in 2022, just as his grand-father André before him, he decides to answer the call of politics and leaves to pursue other goals.